• Current AffairsLess Trump, more Gaffs.

    The mainstream media world has become a muddled-mess lately. Muddled enough that the host of a reality T.V. show is now the leader of the free world. How the hell did that happen? Was it the Russians and their new weapons of mass-confusion? Did the south rise again when we weren't looking? Have fact and fiction have come to some sort of a truce? Or maybe fiction sells better than fact now and newsman was tired of having to chose. Read more..
  • EntertainmentSick of 2016? Try Watermelon.

    If you're a decent, moral person you've had a lot of knocks. A failure to Repeal the 8th, Brexit and Trump (again. Because I don't know if I'll ever get over it) amongst many, many other things. But from all that comes a shining beacon of hope; Watermelon by Marian Keyes. Read Now
  • ArtBabylon

    Check out Pascal Böhme's Exhibition at ÆTHER:bar‎ Details..
  • Current AffairsMale Rape

    Male rape. It’s a surprisingly controversial subject. In a society where men are supposed to always want sex, many people deny that it’s possible. Especially in the case of a female raping a male. We hear the rhetoric about females getting raped by males much more frequently. But why is this? Read now

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