• Current Affairs Seeds of a social revolution

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  • Life Style Meet "Gareth," a 20-year-old crossdresser

    Gareth is a handsome, bearded 20-year-old, studying and working. He drinks, he smokes, he has a group of guy friends around him and he meets girls on nights out. He’s also been a crossdresser since he was 10 years old. Read More
  • Current Affairs #BackTheBill and Give the Oireachtas a Piece of your Mind

    No one wants to go for a stroll in the woods and stumble upon a barren landscape full of Mad Max drilling rigs, only to run away in horror and fall into a moody, contaminated river. #BackTheBill
  • Music News Behind the Sex, Drugs and Lyrical Pleasure- A Drink with Cry Harridan

    After meeting the band, I was struck by how refreshing the experience was. I can only hope that their unique brand, their confidence and their hard work will take them as far as they deserve to go. In an age and industry that can sometimes be lacking in diversity, their refusal to conform is extremely admirable. Read more..